[Beginner] I Need these c3d files

Hello my colleagues,

I hope you can help me to get the clinical gait analysis data of Kirtely, Linksell, and Winter.

I would like also to know if the info from c3d files can be extracted, or if these data are delivered in excel sheets or other forms rather than c3d, as i found it difficult to deal with c3d files as a beginner.

And how to scale the results for a human of say 70 Kg to more or less weight.

And, any further guidance is welcome.

sorry we don’t have any other C3D files.

there are 2 types of AnyBody models:

  1. Models based on recorded data using C3D files = MoCapModel and derived
  2. Parameterized models, based on joint angle inputs = similar to the StandingModels and the StandingModel template

In general you can use all kind of data to drive the joint angles.

I would recommend that you go through all the tutorials, because most of this is described in the tutorials.