Bergmann model changing shoulder abduction plane

Hello there,

For my project I want the model to lift the arm a few degrees off the frontal plane in ventral direction.

Question: How can I constrain the hand/arm to stay in that motion? Which degree of freedoms do i need to drive or/and use to even get the arm in such a position?

My second question is, how is it possible to change the joint surface orientation, is to import an STL surface and change its orientation the only possibility?


Hi Marc,
changing the posture, or motion in the model is very easy. You have in the BMStatement file a file called mannequin. In this file you will find a list of of angles and velocities of all joints that you can drive. The first section is “Pos” meaning the start joint angle, the second section “Vel” is about joint velocities starting from the start angle in degrees/second

second video might help. The templates have not exactly the same structure, but similar:

or the getting stared tutorial:

Your second question depends on your study goal.

  • you can easily change the reference node orientation; this would resemble a different surface orientation, or
  • you excahnge the healthy shoulder with an implant, use STL surface contact, switch to fdk and change the implant orientation. There was a webcast from Lauranne Sins about that and here are several posts about that as well
    hope that helps