Bike fullbody model


I’m trying to use the “Bike Model Full Body” model and was trying to change some variable to see the effect of changing things like the:

PedalArmLength =0.5; //Length of pedal arm

But it is saying access is denied, so I was woundering, is it possible to change things in the model to see the effects on the model?

and I was also woundering, how do you determined the forces at the handle and at the pedal, and were did you get the movement, is it by mocap or you simulate it?

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DEar Moata,

it is possible to change those variables. Access denied is not a typical AnyBody error message and it might mean that your model is “read-only”?
Also please be aware that the numbers in AnyBody are SI units, meaning pedal arm length of 0.5 is 0.5meters. The model will have hard time to solve this.

Hi Amir,

Thanks so much for the reply, but the model I’m trying to modify is from the Anybody AMMR folder that comes with the software, which is basically the Bike full body model!! Is that a read-only model?

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Dear Moataz,

Here we also would like to ask of you some questions to solve your problems.

  1. Did you install the AnyBody Modeling System in your local computer?
  2. Then, where did you put your models?
    Usually, AMMR folder exists here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.3\AMMR
    But we recommend you to copy this folder and paste to other place which is out of this ‘Program Files(x86)’ folder.
  3. When you would like to create a new model, then the easiest way is to create your new folder inside ‘AMMR/Application/Examples/’ folder.

Could you please test again and get back to us if possible?

Best regards,