Bike model Validation

I have a questions concering the bike 2D and bike 3D model. Are both validated? Have they good results when they are compared with the literature?

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Hi Manuel,

You are asking a good and difficult question. I could answer yes, because some people have indeed validated the models against experimental data and have obtained good results. I could also answer no, because they did not validate the models in all possible cases, and I remember at least one case where a couple of users tried to simulate the case of biking with a vary large lateral distance between the pedals and did not get good results.

It goes to the core of the question: What is validation? Is a model and software validated when it has been proved to work well in every conceivable situation or when it has been shown to work well in a single or a few situations?

I can confirm that we and a Dutch group independently obtained good results with both the 2D (many years ago) and the 3D model.

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