Body with multicontact definition TMJ

Hi Everybody,

I would like to simulate a synovial joint behavior or TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint); TMJ is one of the most complex joins of body, because her motion is composed by a combination of rotations and translations.
This joint is composed by a viscoelastic disc placed between two bone surfaces (condylar of jaw and temporal fosse), figure 1 show different components of TMJ. Disc is guided between articular surfaces due to jaw motion, thus disc don’t have a fixed position. Articular disc is attached through ligaments (between disc and condylar jaw and between disc and temporal fosse, Figure 2-TMJ_Ligaments), this network of ligaments maintain stability of joint.

I saw in tutorial as is possible to define a joint through a force definition, but I don’t know how define it in this case?

Thanks in advance, Diego :slight_smile:

Hi Diego,

  1. You can make your own disc segment.
    Also you can define your own force profile based on the distance and the velocity of some measures in order to implement a kind of viscoelastic forces.

  2. About the motion, you can define the motion of your disc segment with respect to the two bones using some rhythms.
    Also you can use our FDK feature to determine the kinematics of the disc segment.

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Thanks a lot Moonki, I will try that!!!