BVH File standing model

Hello team,

I have been using a BVH file obtained from the XSENS system. I want to extract some joint reaction forces. When I did the procedure for a walking motion, I got the expected values for the load. However, when I try to do it for a standard standing pose, I am getting very low, I would say unrealistic, values for the joint reaction forces. I tried to switch ON the muscles but am still getting those low results.

Any suggestions to solve this issue? Thank you.

Maria Prado

Hello Maria,

What joints are you looking at? In general, walking will result in higher joint reaction force than standing JRF, especially if you look at peak forces. When you say the values are low, to what exactly are you comparing the results to: another standing trial or the walking trial? Can you perhaps share some results?

If you have not changed the model when you switched from walking to standing bvh file, I can't really see where something could go wrong. Also, I assume, it's the same subject and the motion capture was done in the same session.

Lastly, I can suggest you to look at the AMMR. You can find some c3d based trials of walking and standing and try to compare the values that you see in those trials with force plate data.

Best regards,