BVH-Xsens example bvh file import

Hi, everyone!

I used the AnyBody v7.3, AMMR v2.3 software and BVH-Xsens example S01-Trial01.
I want to modify example's the bvh file to my custom bvh file used iPi soft, but custom file's the bones and joints name is different from BVH-Xsens example.
How should I export the file in iPi soft? If not, How can I solve the problem?

Thank you.

Hi JHKim,

There are two ways to resolve this either the BVH file need have same topology as the BVH file from Xsens, or the model need to be modified to account for the differences in naming.

The task very much corresponds to the task of using a new marker protocol, so the most of the work is to be done in the marker protocol file where the markers will need to be placed on the new rig. It is important that you first understand how the current model is running, then you need compare the two BVH models and decide on the new marker locations while trying to keep the marker position as close as possible to the original position.

Finally there are some model scaling which is also derived from the BVH it will also need to use the new names.

I would start out-commenting all markers drivers, and then remove the scaling pointing at the BVH, just add some reasonable fixed numbers for the dimensions initially to make the model load.

Then add the markers drivers one by one and finally go back to the scaling and make it depend on the bvh.

Hope it helps

Best regards

Hi Søren,

Thank for your reply.
I compared the two bvh file and modified the marker protocol file.
Finally, I made the new marker. The custom file is run.

I appreciate your help.

Best regards

Hi JHKim,

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you managed to make it run, I think it might have required a good deal of editing in the marker protocol file.

Best regards

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