C3d file, Invisible markers in anybody

I input a c3d file in anybody and load it, but I can not see the markers in the model view. I put my language as below:
AnyInputC3D c3d = {
FileName = “jumping.c3d”;
MarkerRGB = {1, 0, 0};
I try another c3d file and I can onle see one marker.
I also run the two c3d files in Mokka and I can see there are many markers in both of them. I run the play button, the markers also work well. So I am wondering what is the problem?
I use AMMRV1.0.
Thanks for any help!


Please update to the most recent version of AMMR and AMS there are dedicated Mocap driven models which makes it easy to incorporate motion capture files.

Which version of AMS are you using?

The reason why you do not see markers visually could possible be that you may not have included the AnyInputC3d object inside a AnyBodyStudy. If an object is not inside a study or being referred to from the study it will not be calculated, and you would not see markers.

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