C3D file muscle activation adjustment


Dear AnyBody Team.
I am working with a C3D file and then trying to debug the muscle activation in an inverse dynamics analysis, and the muscle activation rises very abruptly at 14 fps and 45 fps respectively, how should I debug it to significantly reduce the activation? How can I debug this to significantly reduce the activation? I have tried body poses, limb lengths, heights and weights, and even measuring the position of points in space.

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Hi Hans,

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Do you mean the muscle activation rises abruptly at frame number 14 and 45? It could be due to the recording of the c3d file (maybe there are some artefacts in the recording and the raw data needs to be looked into?), it could be related to the transition between contact of the foot with ground and not.

Can you describe a little bit more about the experimental setup and the model you are using for this work?

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