C3D File

I have one question:
I’m trying to process C3D data, but in MyModel menu the markers don’t appear in the Markers menu but in the ProcessedData. Is that ok or not?

Hello Pedro,

It might be possible to process your C3D file, but you probably have to modify the marker class templates to run your model. This is probably some work I would avoid if possible, especially if it is possible to modify the c3d file.

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Hi Pedro

The c3d input class has multiple options to move data from the processed data folder to the marker folder. It is even possible to mark all data as markers. Have a look in the reference manual.

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Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Group
Aalborg University

Thank you.
I have resolved it!!


I come across the same problem,and want to know how to solve it.

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Hi YangYang:

The only thing I did was to set to On the option MarkerUseAllPointsOnOff in the AnyInputC3D class.