C3D Project

I am trying to use the C3Dproject.main file for analyzing a C3D file with lower extremity markers and markers on the LSHO, RSHO, and C7. I know that a driver for the neck must be included since I don’t have markers on the head. Can you tell me how to create this driver and where it should be placed within the set of files?


These are the files that I am using.



Please delete your messages and create a new message on the Debug model section.

Then I will try to look into your model in detail.

And when you would upload your model, please provide us following information.

  1. Your version of AMS(AnyBody Modeling System)
  2. Your version of AMMR(Model Repository)
  3. Name of your motion capture systrem(ex. Vicon…)
  4. Name of your force plate system(ex. AMTI…)

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Hi Brooke,

I had a quick look at your post, and have some suggestions. The C3D project is divided into project steps. The drivers are located:

  1. in the JointsAndDrivers for the Initial Position and Anthropometry Model

  2. in the JointsAndDriversLocal for the Motion and Param Opt Model

  3. in the JointsAndDriversOptimized for the InverseDynamics Model

to set up a driver, you can have a look here:

//This is an etsimation of the upper body motion it will enforce that the head is kept above the pelvis medial/laterally
AnyKinEqSimpleDriver LateralBendDriver ={
AnyKinLinear lin ={
AnySeg &ref1= …HumanModel.Trunk.SegmentsLumbar.PelvisSeg;
AnySeg &ref2= …HumanModel.Trunk.SegmentsThorax.SkullSeg;

AnyKinEqSimpleDriver NeckDrv={
AnyKinMeasureOrg &ref1= …HumanModel.Interface.Trunk.NeckJoint;

this is from the old GaitUniMiami example from the repository 1.3.1. It will not fit exactly, but you can try to fit it to your needs.

I hope this can help you get started!