c3d2any version 0.7 available for download

Dear all,

A new beta version of the C3D-to-AnyScript converter (c3d2any) is now
available for download. It can be downloaded here:

This version fixes a problem with some c3d files which only set one
of the two termination bytes in the group and parameter section and
leaves the other undefined.

Known issue:
Some c3d files do not have a POINTS or ANALOG section (even though
the standard specifies that they should always have). In version 0.7,
it is not be possible to convert such files because the converter
always checks if specific parts of these two are available in the
file, e.g. the ANALOG:LABEL parameter. In this case, strictly
speaking, this is not necessary if there really are no analog data.
This issue shall be fixed in a future version.

Still, all comments about the converters usefulness, desired
features, bug reports and so on are very welcome.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project