c3d2any version 0.8 available for download

Dear all

A new version of the C3D-to-AnyScript converter (c3d2any) is now
available for download. It can be found here:

In the previous versions of the converter, only kinematical drivers
were automatically created for those data points that were certain to
have been measured. This was based on the content of the camera and
mask bytes in the C3D file. However, this sometimes meant that not
all (or any at all) drivers were created. This has now been changed
such that kinematical drivers are created for all points, but these
are split into two files: <output filename>.MarkerListMover.any
and <output filename>.ProcessedListMover.any. In the main file, the
<output filename>.ProcessedListMover.any is commented out per default.

As mensioned in message #1650, C3D files without an ANALOG or POINTS
section could not be converted in earlier versions. This has now been

All feedback, bug reports or feature requests are still very welcome.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project