c3d2any version 0.91 available for download

Dear all,

A new version of the c3d2any converter is now available for download.
It can be found here:

This release fixes three issues in the previous version:

  1. When more than 512 video data points were stored in a c3d file, the
    converter would fail due to a bug in the handling of video data labels.
  2. A bug in calculating the analog data was detected when the group
    ANALOG:FORMAT was not present in the c3d file and the analog data
    contained 16-bit values.
  3. Previously, the converter would refuse to convert a c3d file when
    multiple items have the same name or the name cannot safely be altered
    for the AnyScript parser to read. This has now been changed such that
    the files will still be written in such case, but AnyBody will fail to
    read them. This change was made such that users can directly fix these
    issues in the AnyScript files rather than having to alter the c3d file.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project.