Calculation of COP(center of pressure) for each foot


I made a simple example using the conditional contact element from the gait full body example in the AnyBody repository.

I’d like to ask you whether there is a way to calculate the COP(center of pressure) for each foot from the active conditional contact elements.

I’d like to get your advice.

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Hi Moonki,

This is possible, please do the following:

[li]For each foot create a virtual force plate segment and let the contact act on these segments.
[/li][li]Setup a reaction force for all six dof in the center of the plate, then basically you have measured the forces just like a forceplatetype2 plate.
[/li][li]Then you need to calculate the COP which is the point where the moments are zero except around a normal axis to the plate.
[/li][li]An example on how to calculate this can be seen in the file Toolbox/mocap/Forceplate2.any

I am curious how did the results look like i did not run the model .

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Hi Søren,

Thanks for your advice. I will upload the modified example when I complete to build the model according to your advice.

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