Calibration study

Hello all,

I was wanting to know if anyone could point me to where the postures were determine which are used in the calibration study which appears when the 3 element muscles are used in AnyBody. I would greatly appreciate any help.


Hi Brandon,

If you find the Calibration folder under the “Model Tree”, right-click any of the sub-studies, and locate it in the AnyScript, you will see the muscles it is working on as well as the joint angles it is using as the reference for calibration.


Hello Mohamamd,

Thanks for the reply. What I meant in my question was I wanted to know how those angles were determined. Meaning, is there a journal article or reference out there which shows how these specific angles are determined.


I think this had been already addresses by Morten to you here. Unfortunately, not all those reference joint angles are based on published work.

If you however have access to some literature work, you can easily change those initial values, as I explained before.

Hope it helps,