Camera, Scene & Light

Hi !
I would have a question regarding the use of camera.
I set a camera in my shoulder model to record the scapular motion. This works fine.

My problem is that I have a reflect on the bone due to the light set in the scene. This reflect makes my bone difficult to visualize. Would it be possible to delete this light, or to change its orientation ? If yes, how ? I found how to change the background color but have been unable to find any other parameters in the reference manual.

Thanks for your help !


I don’t think we currently have a functionality for controlling the lights directly, but it’s possible to specify the reflectivity for a drawing object.
This can be done by putting a AnyStyleDrawMaterial1 object inside your drawing object, and using it to control how the drawing object is rendered.

[SIZE=3][SIZE=2]AnyStyleDrawMaterial1 [/SIZE][/SIZE]<ObjectName> =
//EnableCreasing = Off;
//CreasingAngle = 0.524;
//EnableWireframe = Off;
//EnableSmoothing = On;
//RGB = {0.6, 0.6, 0.6};
//DiffuseRGB = {0.6, 0.6, 0.6};
//SpecularRGB = {1, 1, 1};
//EmissionRGB = {0, 0, 0};
//Shininess = 0.7;
//Opacity = 1;

In this situation I would recommend setting the SpecularRGB value to the same value as the color of your bone. This will effectively remove the reflectivity from the bone.

Best regards,

Jesper D. Thomsen

Thank you for your answer ; however it has only little effect (see pictures attached, I still have the reflect…).

Maybe should I tell that, in fact, the problematic segment is not a bone but a stl object. I used the AnySurfSTL function to integrate it in the model and the AnyDrawSurf function to color and scale it :

AnyDrawSurf drw = {
        FileName = .FileName;
        RGB = {.5,.5,.5};
        ScaleXYZ = {1,1,1}*0.001;

Does it make any difference for applying the AnyStyleDrawMaterial1 ?

Thank you !


I can see this post has not been answered,

I can not see any pics attached?

It should not make a difference that you use the AnyDrawSTL object it also has the capability to use the material.

Did you try to apply the material as Jesper suggested and what was the effect of this?

Best regards