Can the measured plantar pressure be added to the analysis of Anybody muscle force

Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you. In the experiment, we can measure the plantar pressure during exercise. I would like to ask whether the plantar pressure measured can be added to Anybody's analysis as an analysis condition when analyzing the muscle force during the whole exercise process. If so, what should I do? Thank you!

Hi Yu,

In principle yes, but it is not a straight forward thing to do.

I assume you are currently running the model using GRF predictions. This model will predict both the center of pressure CoP and the direction and magnitude of the GRF.

Plantar pressure data contains only pressure, which means you can find the CoP and normal component of the GRF in these data nothing else. The "frictional" components are not being measured and they need somehow to be calculated for the model to work.

As I see it you will need to create a "custom" force plate using your data available and predict what is missing.

Best regards