Can We implement rigid strap in Anybody?

We want to evaluate soft exoskeleton on anybody. Can we implement rigid strings/straps in Anybody, so that we can apply force on limb by pulling(applying force to) the strings/straps.

We tried to implement AnyKinPLine to create straps, but they get stretched and elongated when the model moves.

Hi @manan

Sorry for the delayed reply!
The AnyKinPLine will move if it attaches to something that moves.
why do you not what it to move?

If you need a simpler solution you can just apply a force (pull or push) where you what it to act on the limb.

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Thanks @Bjorn

Can you suggest function/driver to apply force on joint ?


Hi @manan

A simple force could look something like:

AnyForce3D AppliedForce = {
  F = {100, 0.0, 0.0};
  AnyRefFrame &obj = TargetObject;

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