Centre of mass of human

Hi, I have loaded motion capture data of a person standing into AMS and then interfaced a backpack load with the musculoskeletal model. There is no change in the center of mass of the human even after adding the load, but practically there should be a change in the center of mass when the load is added. It will be helpful if some insight is given on how the center of mass works in AMS. Thanks in advance.

Hi Nissy,

The default center of mass implemented in the body model only considers the segments of the human body. It will not include any other segment automatically. You can update the code to ensure that also your backpack is included by adding the following lines somewhere in you Model:

Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Interface.CenterOfMass = {
AnyFolder &Backpack = Main.Model.Backpack; // Add the correct pointer to your backpack segment

This should include the backpack also in the center of mass calculation.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Thank you for the reply sir,will try doing it.

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