Cervical disc

I am working to study the intervertebral disc of the cervical spine. I load and run the model by MaxForceNeckModel. But I cann’t find the cervical disc in the model. I also only found the disc of lumbar spine in the Disc.any file. Can you tell me whether the AMMR includes the intervertebral disc of the cervical spine?
Thanks for your answer!

Dear You Xuan,

What you have found is not the intervertebral discs. It is related to the lumbar spine and belly modelling, but does not mean IVD. What information do you need about the discs of the cervical spine?
Both lumbar and cervical joints are modelled as spherical joints with instantaneous centre of rotation. For the lumbar spine it is possible to switch on stiffness in the IVD by using the following switches, but this is used for models where this stiffness is needed - like force-dependent kinematics models:

// Switch for the trunk model disk stiffness being present or not.
// Switch for the trunk neck model disk stiffness being present or not.

Such implementation is not yet available for the cervical spine, but can be implemented similarly to the lumbar.