child and elderly model, force plate moving

hello, I have a problem when running the model based “GaitLowerExremity”:

  1. children and the elderly, public and lean mass are not the same, what changes do I need?

  2. If i want to measure the power from the bike pedals, Is it possible to set the force plate moving? i have cortex and EVaRT

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Hi shinyoonho,

Here are some answers:

If you change the BodyMass in the TrialSpecific file it will change the masses of the segments in the model.

It should be possible to have the forceplates to move, but i am not familiar with the systems you mention.

Basically you need to do this:
[li]create a forceplate segment, zero mass etc.[/li][li]drive it 3d to follow the path you like[/li][li]Make sure it has no reactions to environment[/li][li]Apply the measured six force components to the forceplate segment[/li][li]Create AnyReacForces between foot and plate[/li][/ol]
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I try to experiment bike And there,
I would like to know muscle and moment(Leg) through the inverse dynamic.

I always use the GateLowerExtremity model (using C3d files)

force data tracking the pedal is it possible???
I use the GateLowerExtremity model using c3dfile that Implementation possible?
Ever associated with this model exist?

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Of course you can use GaitLowerExtremity model based on your C3D motion capture file.

And there is a way to predict the pedal force between human and bike.

In the example folder of repository, there are ‘PedalDemo’ and ‘PedalDemoConditional’ examples. You can try to understand those models.

Also there is a previous research about the cycling:

So the basic idea is , you should not use the default ‘EnvironmentAutoDetection.any’ file in the GaitLowerExtremity model.
Instead you should put your own code to predict the pedal reaction forces.

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