color scale of the muscles

Dear AnyBody experts:

I want to look at the magnitude of muscle activations during gait. After switching on the DrawScaleOnOff, I can see the muscle colors change between blue and yellow, which seems to me that the colors are changing due to the muscle activation. However I would like to define a color scale based on the activation level so blue indicates muscle relaxation and red indicates the greatest activation. I tried to play with “RGBColorScale” but it doesn’t seem to work.

Previously I was suggested with the following instructions:
"[COLOR=#1f497d]So in Drawsettings.any
[FONT=Courier]AnyFloat MyParamArray= {0,0.5,1};
AnyFloat RGBArray ={{1,0,0},{0,1,0},{0,0,1}};

In MusDrawSettings.any (this is the name for the arm did not check the name for legs and trunk)

DrawScale.ParamArray= Main.DrawSettings.Muscle.MyParamArray
DrawScale. RGBArray =Main.DrawSettings.Muscle.MyRGBArray"

Does it mean that I need to define a new ParamArray and RBGArray, then call them in DrawScale? This MusDrawSettings.any is stored in the repository and I cannot make any change. I also checked DrwMus.DrawScale.ParamArray and RGBrray of some muscles to see if i can modify there, they were all linked to …\AAUHuman\LegTLEM
Mus.any and cannot be changed.

My questions are:

  1. How to utilize the defined MyParamArray and RGBArray to change DrawScale to accomplish what i was trying to do?
  2. Where can i find some detailed explanation wrt how to select values for these two arrays?

Thank you very much!



Dear Phoebe,

You could specify your own DrawSettings.any file for those parts that are there.

  // ----------------------------------------------------------
  // Path to draw settings
  // ----------------------------------------------------------
  #path BM_DRAWSETTINGS_FILE "Model/DrawSettings.any"

And whatever is not - could, of course, be changed in the repository. That said, it is only recommended to advanced users, like yourself. You could wrap it by some define statements to ensure that the previous code works.

You could, of course, create a separate drawing class for this particular muscle and include your implementation.

Kind regards,

P.S. You could also make a local copy of the AMMR to have the reference repository safe.