Comparing experimental sEMG with the muscle activation using inverse dynamics

I wonder if it would be possible to compare experimental sEMG taken from the muscles of interest with the muscle activation as a results of Inverse Dynamics in AnyBody.

That is to say, the linear envelope of signals from the experimental data to be plotted against the muscle activation in one graph to see their differences.

Thank yo in advance for your response.

Hi Pouyan,

The AnyInputC3D class also reads in analog data stored in your C3D file and lets you apply filters to the analog data. You could plot this data in the same graph ( created using the Chart tool) as the simulated activation of the corresponding muscle in the model.

However, to create a linear envelope you would want to average the EMG waveforms from multiple subjects which would be stored in multiple c3d files. I would hence recommend doing this outside AnyBody using software such as Python or MATLAB to make it a lot easier. I’ll explain the python solution here.

Vishal could help you out with first setting up the AnyPyTools package in Python and then follow the instructions under “Getting Data from AnyBody” ( to import your simulation results into the python environment. You could import data from multiple inverse dynamic simulations in the same python script and then use the filtering (“scipy” python package) and statistics (“numpy” package) functions to compute the linear envelope. Use the “matplotlib” python package to plot the activations and the envelope. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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