Connect a simple SolidWorks part with the human model in Squat example


I am trying to understand how a SolidWorks exoskeleton model can be connected with the AnyBody human model. For that, I started in a very simple way by connecting a single SolidWorks part with the human as mentioned below. It did not work, and I highly appreciate if anyone could give me a direction to fix the issue.
First, I created a single SoldWorks part with a coordinate system attached with it. Next, this part was imported to AnyBody Squat example. Surprisingly, I was able to run the kinematic analysis without an issue just after importing the CAD part. Both the rigid body d.o.f and number of constraints were 444 in this point. This was because a mate with origin that was automatically created in the auto generated .any file from SolidWorks. (I think this was why kinematic analysis worked, even thought the CAD part remained fix while the human is in squat motion during the kinematic analysis).

However, I wanted the CAD part attached with the human, and moves with human, as in the case of a exoskeleton. For this, I deleted the mate with origin (in auto-generated .any file) - now the rigid body d.o.f is 444 and number of constraints is 438.

Next I added AnyKinLinear and AnyKinRotational in AnyKinEqSimpleDriver, by taking a node on human as the base and node on CAD part as the target. now again both rigid body d.o.f and number of constraints is 444. However, when I run the kinematic analysis now, it gives the following error.

Study.InitialConditions : Model is kinematically indeterminate.

I highly appreciate any assistance you could provide to fix this issue. I hope this is the correct path I should follow to connect a complete exoskeleton. Please correct me, if otherwise.

Thank you.

Actually, above issue could be solved by changing the constraints type from Hard to Soft.

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