Connecting Exoskeleton model to Human Arm

Hello, AnyBody Team
I have a problem in connecting exoskeleton system to human arm model.
The system consists of a belt, brackets, and links. It seems more complex than i thought, So I tried with single link but I cannot find a proper connection between exoskeleton and human, I tried a lot, but it did not work,
I have to calculate relative motion between human and exo_system but i am stuck in connecting the model and i am unable to proceed further.
could you please help.

Hi Bhavna,

It is a broad question I am not able to provide specific help.

We have made a step wise approach available on our wiki page please see

Connecting an exo skeleton to a human model · AnyBody/support Wiki (

I hope the suggestions on the wiki page will help you move on, otherwise please write again.

Best regards