Contact pressure map doesn't follow the model

I'm using anybody version below.

I draw the contact force as below code.

  AnyDrawForceSurface DrwSurfaceContact = 
    DrawSurf1RGB = {1, 0, 0};
    DrawSurf2RGB = {0, 0, 1};

But the contact force map does not follow the model. It appear at start time but not move.

How to solve this problem?


Is it not moving during the simulation or only still when you replay the simulation?

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only when i replay it.

Okay then it is as expected for now. The AnyDrawForceSurface cannot move during replay so i suggest that you make a video of the simulation to record the motion.
It is on our backlog to implement replay for these objects

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Thank you.
I hope it'll implemented soon

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