convertor issue

Hi Sir
I am facing a problem in the any2abaqus convertor.I have been used the converter successfully in many applications.But now i was trying to do the basic clavicle fea as discussed in tutorials.I found that converter is exporting only constraints not the loads.Also when i open the output in abaqus only the constraints are displaying.I think steps are not creating well.
*distributing, weighting method=UNIFORM
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_ShoulderArm_Mus_Sternocleidomastoid_1
0.000000, 3.307674,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_ShoulderArm_Mus_Sternocleidomastoid_2
0.000000, 8.211043,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_ShoulderArm_Mus_Sternocleidomastoid_3
0.000000, 4.202189,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_ShoulderArm_Jnt_ConoidLigamentReaction_1
0.000000, -4.866696,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_ShoulderArm_Jnt_ConoidLigamentReaction_2
0.000000, -38.813308,
As i review i found that in above there should be the second step for the amplitudes. Sir why this is happening? Is it a problem in model anyscript file or anything else?

Hi Mohit,

try setting the number of timesteps to 2 in your simulation.


yes sir it works as you said.