Coupling AnyBody with Hypermesh/Radioss

Hello dear all,

i first ipologize for my low english level.
I’m a new user of AnyBody and planing to use forces computed in AnyBody as input parameters in a finite element model built with Hypermesh!
Is there any possibility to couple AnyBody to Hypermesh or solver as Radioss for example?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Hi Arnaud,

At the moment we can convert forces computed by AnyBody into Abaqus input deck or APDL (ANSYS) script. I am not sure whether Hypermesh and Radioss can read in those files or not. But if they do - then you can simply use Abaqus/ANSYS as intermediate file format.

In case if it is not possible - one can write out text files, parse them, and write native scripts (Matlab/Python/C++?).

Best regards,

Thanks a lot Pavel,

i will try to test all your propositions. I hope one of them will be a way!

best regards!