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Dear Anybody Community

I'm attempting to make a handshaking model in Anybody.
The experiment involved motion capture data, so I'm using LowerExtremity.main in AMMR plug in gait simple folder. So we changed markers because we don't use leg markers.
And now we have to make a marker that located in right rhomboid major.

I created this marker but when I load this model there is an error.
ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : MarkerProtocol_handshake.any(221) : Defined at : CreateMakrerDriverClass.any(111) : 'MarkerPlacementSegment' : Unresolved object Model loading skipped

I don't know the reason why this error occured

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards
Yoonseo Kim

Hi Yoonseo Kim,

I'm not an Anybody expert, but I think your error message indicates that you're using the wrong path for the marker placement. Is "rhomboid" something you have defined? If so, are you sure your path is defined correctly? You can check this when you expand the model tree HumanModel.
The rhomboid major consists of multiple muscle strings (in my AMMR human model, they are - by default - called: rhomboideus_1, "_2, "_3 and rhomboideus_inter_1, "_2, "_3).

If you have a look at the predefined marker protocol, you will see that markers are usually placed in reference to bony structures. In your case, you could place "_RBAK" relative to the scapula. In your model tree - again, under HumanModel - you should be able to navigate to the scapula. It should look something like this: "Right.ShoulderArm.Seg.Scapula"

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Dear Yoonseo,

I think Olivia explained it well. Thanks Olivia :slight_smile:

So it seems that you did not define a segment named rhomboid in the SegmentsThorax folder. The MarkrPlacement always have to be referred to a segment.

Best regards,