Create simple exoskeleton with Anybody

Hi Anybody support. I start working on the exoskeleton with Anybody software. About a year ago, my lab bought Anybody software and Professor Rasmussen kindly gave us a workshop about lifting with exoskeleton as attached picture. However; I couldn't find the details about

  1. how to add fixation point, the spring, and the damping element to the model.
  2. how to apply spring and damping elements to the model
  3. in case in the future, I use a more sophisticated exoskeleton model, how to create a contact element between exo and body model

If you could give me some suggestions or point out the tutorial or example file that I can study from, I'd be appreciated it. Thank you very much.

Hi @Tum

Here is an older model that uses a Exoskeleton - you can probably learn from inspecting it's code.

You can also check turial 11 and 14 here: AnyBody Tutorials! — AnyBody Tutorials v7.3.4

Best regards,

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