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I am using the latest version of AnyBody (7.4) and I am trying to use the New video tool. I am following the steps given in "LabSpecificData.any". However, I don't fully understand how to record/export the video. I am not obtaining any output for the video. I would appreciate if you could expand about how to use this new tool.


Maria Prado

// Include functions to generate a video:
// -> Run Study.VideoTool.Preview to preview the camera view.
// -> Run Study.VideoTool.Create_Video to generate video from the analysis.
#include "CreateVideo.any"

Hi @MariadelMarPradoG92

Do you run the Study.VideoTool.Create_Video operation?
In order to generate images and videos with the tool the Create_Video operation needs to be executed.

Do you see any error messages when running it?

Best regards,

Hello Bjorn,

Please, see the options I have in the operation bar (Image attached). I don't know if any of those options corresponds to Study.VideoTool.Create_Video.

I am not receiving error messages. In fact, when I run the Study.VideoTool.Preview, the image pop ups with not issue.

Hi @MariadelMarPradoG92

You might need to open the operations tree or use the Show More option in the bottom of the operations dropdown in the image.
From the operations tree you will be able to find a Studies.InverseDynamics.VideoTool.Create_Video operation which is for generating gifs or mp4 files.

Best regards,

Thank you for your help Bjorn. I was able to generate the video :slight_smile:

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