Creating Muscle activity chart

I want to find out all muscles(Quadratus Lumborum) activity in a single chart but I could not. Help please.

Hi Rahman,

You can do this using the * (wildcard) character. So, in your Value in the chart view, please type like this:


That should show the activity of all the muscles in QuadratusLumborum.

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Hello Chander,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and suggestions. Now I can do it.
Anyway, If I want to find out the over all muscle activity of all quadratus Lumborum muscles in a single line chart (like maximum muscle activity chart), is it possible? If possible then suggest me please!

However, I have made another elbow bending simulation. The motion code is here:
AnyFolder ElbowDriver_0deg= {
AnyKinEqInterPolDriver ElbowDriver = {
T = {-0.1,0,1,10,11};
Data = {{0,0,1, 120,120}}*pi/180;
Type = Bspline;
BsplineOrder = 4;
AnyRevoluteJoint &jnt = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.ShoulderArm.Jnt.HumeroUlnarJoint;
Reaction.Type = {Off};


In this case, I want to find out the muscle activity according to bending angle but I am not doing this.When I try I find the following error: I am a new user in AnyBody Technology. Please! suggest me. Thanks in advance.

Hi Rahman,

You are welcome!

You would have to create a variable with the variable of your interest: so if you want to take the maximum of all the muscles in the then you can use the max function with the search function. Please see this function in the reference manual. You can also see how to use this in the way the code for muscle envelope is defined in BodyModel.SelectedOutput.

To plot the elbow angle as the abcissa, you are more or less on the right path. r describes the position of segment/node and is made up of the x,y,z coordinates. If you want to use r, then you would need to index to variable of interest, e.g., r[0]. Anyway, you wanted elbow angle, then you would need to replace the text for the Abcissa to something that measures the elbow flexion angle. For example you can use mannequin values (in degrees):


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