CT scales Tibia

I export tibia.stl from StandingModel.Main.any as SourceTibia, and the scaling factor is 1000, change the unit from m to mm. And then I export tibia.stl from mimics as TargetTibia. SourceTibia and TargetTibia have the same shape. And then I choose 7 points from SourceTibia and TargetTibia, respectively. SourceTibia.stl and TargetTibia.stl are load successfully.

But when I used Linear point-based scaling inLinear point-based scaling, I failed. The morphed file‘s shape is lamellar.

I attached my file in Goole Drivehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/16a-NIBCVe2QvTMXialch-AqMhLeGM6ab/view?usp=drive_link to make it easier for everyone to help me find the cause of the error. I really appreciate if anyone could help me.
Best regards.
Xuan Guo

Hi Xuan Guo,

The best way to troubleshoot such a model is to check if the points that you used for the morphing are at a sensible location. I suggest you use AnyDrawPointCloud to visualize the points that you have used in your morphing function. Please see the reference manual for how to use AnyDrawPointCloud

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