custom scaling


I tried to input the custom scaling law into a model based on the lesson 4 tutorial into the StandingLift model but this error seems to appear.

ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : C:/U…s/A…n/A…5/A…n/E…s/S…t/StandingLift.main.any : ‘Left’ : Unresolved object

May I know the reason why?
I am using the AMMR version 1.5 and AMS version 5.3


Hi Atiq,

it looks like you made cahnges to the body folder, because the model will not load properly.

When you look at the model tree:


there is no left nor right.

so, it cannot find the “left” in your script:
Scaling.GeometricalScaling.Left.Thigh = {
#include “MyScalingLaw.any”
AnyFunTransform3D &ScaleFunction = MyScalingLaw.Transform;