Custom variables related with nStep

hi,I want to define a custom variable that can change with the muscle activation of each nStep, and use this custom variable in the model to modify the cross sectional area of the muscle of the iStep. For example, the muscle cross-sectional area in step 1 gets the muscle activation degree, and then uses the user-defined relationship to get the variable in step 1. Use this variable to calculate the muscle cross-sectional area in step 2 with the user-defined relationship, and then use CSA to get the muscle activation degree in step 2 to get the user-defined variable in step 2. Is this possible?

Hi Biao,

This is not directly possible to do inside AMS you would need to use the pythonhook

I think you would need to combine the pythonhook and the AnyMuscleModelUsr1 object.
This muscle model allows you to specify a strength which can be estimated at the evaluation moment VelVar, so it is not a Const.

What is the purpose of this simulation?

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