I am very new to AnyBody and welcome any advice for this project.
My end goal is to create a full body cycling model driven by .c3d motion and force plates in the pedals of the bike. I am trying to combine the .c3d capabilities of the GaitFullBody model and the bike model from the Bike3D model. I have worked through many of the errors but have hit a ‘Model load : Unknown error’ while the system is ‘Evaluating model…’. I am at a loss as to where to look to fix this. Also, I am not sure how to define the fact that the force plates in the pedals are associated with moving markers.


If you want to make your cycling model using C3D files, then I recommend you to make it working first without considering our Bike3D model.

This is our self-supported forum so if you want to get our official support then please upload your model in the debug section:

And I hope you to update your personal profile to let us know who you are(organization name and personal name).

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