dealing with #path & #define

Hi Guys,

I have two questions.

Firstly I’d like to create a ControlPanel file for my model so to switch muscles, bones and wrapping surfaces on and off. Currently I am using the #define function which is working well when including the ControlPanel.any
(#define SCAPULA 0
#define HUMERUS 0
in i.e. the Seg.any. But switching off muscles I have to include the file in Muscles.any as well which leads to an error. “Double-including” does not work.
I tried to include it in the Main.HumanModel directory right below the BodyModel.any, supposing I could easily refer via AnyFolder &… to the ControlPanel switches, but writing the if like this

#if .CP.SCAPULA == 0

doesn’t work either. So it seems that’s not the right way to refer.
I stumbled across #path and thought that might be a solution, but I don’t figure out how to use it.

How can I refer to the definitions I made in a file?

Well well…think before u act Hauke.

The reason why it was not working was that I misplaced it…it has to be placed above including bodyparts and bodymodel.