Define joints only at specific times

Hello, everybody.

I am working on analyzing a model using motion capture data.

The data I performed is drilling on the wall with a drill in one hand.

As shown below, I am trying to constrain the "Drillpoint" node, which is the point of drilling on the wall, and the "Drilltip" node, which is the tip of the drill, with a spherical joint.

 AnySphericalJoint drill_wall ={
   AnyRefFrame &Drill=Main.EnvironmentModel.Drill.Drill___1.DrillTip;
   AnyRefFrame &Wall=Main.EnvironmentModel.GlobalRef.Drillpoint;
 }; //drill-wall joint, need to be applied at certain times (ex. 14sec~24sec or 840frame~1440frame)

My question is, is it possible to define two joints only at certain times (ex. 14sec ~ 24sec).

Motion capture data is a total of 30 seconds.

Thank you.

Hi Crayonmu,

This is possible but it will have to be a soft drivers with a high weight so it will not be a hard constraint, but if the weight is height enough it will be almost a hard driver.

  1. The study needs to run with overdetermined solver
  2. Make a linear measure using the same nodes you already have
  3. Make an interpolation function which has T values covering the either time of the study. And which has Data vector which is zero except for the time instances of interest 14 and 24 sec here the value should be high
  4. Create a driver on the linear measure driving it to zero and having the CType to be soft. use the weight function from step 3 as the weight of the driver.

Best regards

Thanks for the kind answer, Toerholm.

I will try it out based on the feedback you posted.

Thank you.

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