Define Muscle Force as the abscissa of AnyFunInterpol


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I would like to know whether it's possible or not.

Is it possible to define Muscle Force Result as the abscissa of AnyFunInterpol for an External force in Inverse Dynamics analysis?

In fact, Muscle Force Result is calculated in each solving step. Therefore, AnyFunInterpol has to use the previous solving step result of Muscle force in each present solving step.
Is it possible to define like this?

    AnyFunInterpol Fval = 
      Type = Bspline;
      BsplineOrder = 2;
      FileName = "aa.txt"; // An simple Example Matrix information TEXT File

    AnyForce3D testforce = {
      AnyRefFrame &lin = Main.MyModel.GlobalRef;
      F = .Fval(/* I want to define a Muscle Force as the abscissa of an External Force */); 

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Hi @jshancmet

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the question!

I am a little unsure of your goal here.
Do you want to plot the testforce with a specific muscle force as the abscissa?
That you can do in the chart view after the analysis.

However the muscle forces are output variables of the simulation and can therefore not be used before the simulation is finished.

I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to post again.

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Hi, Bjørn

The testforce will be determined with respect to the Muscle force Output which is being calculated in each analysis step during inverse dynamic analysis processing.

As you said, the muscle force is an output information decided after simulation.

As a result, I would like to conclude that this is impossible because testforce value is not determined before simulation start.

Thank you for your help.

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