Deltoideus' SPLine located below the wrapping surface


I am making a FDK model for the shoulder and i usually get this message that a SPLine penetrates one of the deltoideus wrapping surfaces during the inverse dynamic analysis.

Muscle.any(405) : deltoideus_lateral_part_3.SPLine : Penetration of surface : Surf : Via-point 'O_deltoideus_lateral_part_3' on 'SPLine' is located below the wrapping surface'Surf

I know where it comes from and it's generally only shown for 1 or 2 steps but i'm wondering how I could see visually that the SPLine is penetrating the wrapping surface to help debugging.

So in other words showing the SPLine and the wrapping surface. Or is the SPLine simply the muscle itself that's showed on screen ?

And do you have advices to help avoiding these issues ? I think I saw that it could help to mess with the SPLine mesh somewhere ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

If you locate the muscle in the ModelTree it will have references to the surfaces the muscle is wrapping on. If you click these references it will go to the surface which has an object "viewSurface" select that one and use the shortcut key F11 and it should display it.

The muscle is simply the SPLine with an added thickness.

Please see this section on the wiki related to wrapping it might help you.
Model trouble shooting · AnyBody/support Wiki · GitHub

Best regards

Hello Søren,

Thank you for your help I will try what you adviced

Best Regards

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