Demo model - Free posture move


I am using AnyBody version 5.0.0 and I downloaded the included demo files.

Within the Free posture move demo model the Manequin.any file states that ‘there is a joint using an include file (PelvisThorax rotation)’. However I cannot see any instance of the file PelvisThoraxRotation.any being included. Also when you run the model that file is not loaded i.e. it seems that the joint does not use an include file.

Is the model correct as it is? If not what changes are necessary to use the include file? I think this might allow me to drive a model with specified joint angles.



Hi Monique,

I guess the comment in the Mannequin file is not very clear, sorry. There is no include file called PelvisThoraxRotation.any. So it is normal that you don’t find it.
PelvisThorax rotation actually refers to the pelvis-thorax joint complex (the lumbar spine).

The thing is that the pelvis-thorax joint complex is controlled in a special way using a rhythm. So just specifying the angle between pelvis and thorax automatically define the lumbar joint angles as well. And this is done with a special include file containing a matrix of coefficients for this rhythm (look ate Body/AAUHuman/LegTD/JointsLumbar, the include file is SRMatrixes).

Best regards, Sylvain.