Diagnostic Muscles


i have got a question about muscle deactivation.
If in the StandingModel we have BodyPatsSetup.any like this:

// RightArm: 1 included, 0 not included
// ************************************
#define RIGHT_ARM 1
// This is just the bones,
// Choose one of the following options to add muscles
#define RIGHT_ARM_MUS_3E 0

then the following muscle appears:
Sometimes it has the highest activity. There are also other “DiagnosticMuscles”.

Now i have two questions: What does diagnostic mean in this context? And does this muscle contribute to the muscle recruitment?

I would expect that deactivated muscles should not have any influence on the activities of the remaining muscles. What do you think?

Thanks and kind regards,


Hi Thomaz,

Even if you exclude the muscles in the upper body, there should be some AnyReacForce or AnyGeneralMuscle objects which will carry out the motion of the joints in the upper body area.

So if you use your BodyPartsSetup.any file which will not use upper body muscles, then AMMR will automatically insert some joint muscles which are in form of ‘AnyGeneralMuscle’.
AnyGeneralMuscle can be attached to any kinds of kinematic measures in the AnyBody Modeling System.

You can see details in ‘JointMuscles.any’ and ‘DiagnositcMuscle.any’ files.

Of course, the activation levels of these AnyGeneralMuscle objects will be considered in the muscle recruitment optimization of AnyBodyStudy class in your model.

The role of these AnyGeneral Muscles is a kind of virtual motors.

So if you don’t like the high activation levels in those muscles, then you can increase the strength of those AnyGeneralMuscles.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,