Difference between TD Driver and standard driver

I am new in this forum.

My question is the following:

What is the difference between, for example
“Hip Joint Right” and “Hip Joint RightTD”?

The same for the drivers, for example
" #if RIGHT_LEG == 1
#include “RightLegDrivers.any”

#if LEFT_LEG == 1
#include “LeftLegDrivers.any”

#if RIGHT_LEG_TD == 1
#include “RightLegTDDrivers.any”

#if LEFT_LEG_TD == 1
#include “LeftLegTDDrivers.any”
#endif" ?

It is not clear to me how they work and the difference between both.

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Hi Joe,

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The repository contains two different lower extremity models and you can include one or the other in your applications through the BodyPartsSetup. The choices in this file are then reflected in the rest of the model through the if-else statements you quote above.

The newer of the two models goes under the abbreviated name TD or TLEM. All the clauses you see above with TD in them pertain to the newer of the two models.

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