Difficulties finding v1.6

Dear community and AnyBody team!
I was just going through the new Tutorial and ending up at the page http://www.anybodytech.com/fileadmin/AnyBody/Docs/Tutorials/Making_things_move/lesson5.html where the user is advised to open the Model MoCapModel from the “Version 1.2 of the AnyScript™ Managed Model Repository, on which this tutorial is built,…” However the Applicatoin / Examples / MoCapModel folder does not exist in v1.2, nor in v1.3.1 nor in v1.4.1 nor in v1.5.
Am I correct in assuming, that actually v1.6 is meant? Well that just starts my problems because on the AMMR v1.5 is the highest version (http://forge.anyscript.org/gf/project/ammr/frs/).
Starting to doubt my intellectual and problem solving capacity I kindly ask for help - which will be highly appreciated - to restore my self-esteem again.

Hi Stefan,

You can look at the Gait (GaitFullBody, GaitLowerExtremity) models in the earlier versions of the AMMR. MoCap models have replaced them in the version 1.6. What is your version of the AMS? If it is 6.0 then the repository comes along with the installation of the AMS. And you already have it. If you use previous version of the software then the AMMR v1.6 will not work.

We do recommend to add these details to your signature - this way we will give a precise and relevant answer rather than writing different options like i just did :slight_smile:


P.S. We will correct the text in the tutorials to make more sense. Thank you for finding this problem.