Difficulties in using the version v1,6

Dear all,

I updated my AnyBody version from v1,5 to v1,6.
when I was trying to load a modified file GaitFullbody.main from the AMMR of the version v1,5 , I got the following error message:

ERROR(OBJ1) : P:/P…s/P…y/A…o/Body/A…n/T…k/JointsLumbar.any(81) : SpineRhythmDrv.Reaction.Type : Number of elements in type specification must match number of elements in force vector (num. elem = 1)
Model loading skipped

I don’t know how to solve the problem. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!


Dear Arnaud,

In AMS 6.0 (or later) the evaluation of kinematic measures has been changed to make the computations more efficient. Therefore, one feature of kinematic measures has been changed: the member OutDim describing the number of components in a kinematic measure which was an optional member of each kinematic measure has become a mandatory member in AMS 6.0. Since it was optional, the OutDim had not been set in all places in the older repositories/models.

here is a little guideline what to do: