Difficulty in loading BVH file - unresolved object

Hello everyone
I'm using AnyBody VERSION 7.3.x.
So far, I've used C3D data using optitrack, but now I'm going to use BVH data using Xsens for the first time.
I have obtained the full body running data using Xsens.
However, both the data I acquired and the sample data in the Avybody show the same error message below.
ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : XsensBVH.any(12) : Defined at : XsensBVH.any(6) : 'HEAD' : Unresolved object

Looking at that XsensBVH code, It needs to load .seg but there is no seg folder in the actual bvh data.
Is that something to do with this?

I need some advice.

Thank you

Hi Hyunji,

Welcome to the AnyScript forum!

I can assure you that the bvh file provided in the AMMR works fine. It's possible that something in the AMMR copy has changed. Can you please try with a fresh installation of AMMR? You can do that through the AnyBody Assistant diaolog box.

Best regards,

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