dimensionality of values


i would like to output a scalar value for the maximum muscle activity of a certain group of muscles. I know that there is a AnySearchFun:

AnyFolder MuscleMeasure = {AnySearchFun MuscleList = {
[INDENT] Search = “…Trunk...*.Activity”;
[/INDENT] };
AnyVar SSM = max(MuscleList());

My problem now is, that MuscleMeasure.SSM is a scalar (1 x 1), even when nStep is larger than 1. All the other values i output are vectors with a length of nStep (1 x nStep). How can i manage to get the max value for each step?

Alternatively i would be satisfied with the absolute maximum (1x1) but AB does not even show the scalar value in the tree (and does not provide a warning that the dimensionalities are different). Any clue for that?



in other (shorter) words:
I would like to output the MaxMuscleActivity for a certain group of muscles. How can this be done? Has AnyBody an idea?

Thanks, Thomaz

Hi Thomaz,

Something similar (without search function though) was done in the example GaitVaughan in the repository. A MaxMuscleActivity was created in the EMGComparison.any to compare muscle activity of a muscle group with EMG data. In this example it required to create a poststudy. The study is very quick, you wont even notice it timewise.

PLease have a look there and see if it helps you!