Draw rotational AnyGeneralMuscle Output


I am modeling an exoskeleton with an arm bracing and I am using AnyGeneralMuscle Forces to kinetically connect the arm bracing of the exoskeleton with the humerus segment. To solve the InverseDynamics I am using both linear and rotational reaction ‘forces’ (Moments) dependant on the AnyKinMeasure. Now I want to visualize the direction the exoskeleton supports the human arm. By only drawing the AnyGeneralMuscle forces I think I get the wrong direction of the resultant force, since I don’t consider the Moments. Is there an option to draw the resultant direction of my exoskeleton support? I don’t know how to cope with the moments since the connection between bracing and Humerus is via Point 2 Point and I am not sure how to convert them into forces.


Hi David,

I think you should try to use an AnyForceMomentMeasure and then visualize its output this will allow you to do this.

Best regards