Drive Segment By 3 points

Dear Friends,
I want to drive a segment by three points and I have constructed the model. But it showed a warning:

Model Warning: Study 'Main.Pelvis' contains more reaction forces than rigid-body degrees of freedom of the segments. 
The model may be statically indeterminate. There are 9 reactions and only 6 rigid body degrees of freedom. 

And I can’t run the kinematics study.
So can you help check it?
Many thanks.

i think that at least 2 things are wrong.

  1. If you want to use soft drivers, you need the over-determined solver as well:

    AnyBodyStudy Pelvis =
    AnyFolder &Model=.Model;
    Gravity = {0, -9.81,0};
    InitialConditions.SolverType = KinSolOverDeterminate;
    Kinematics.SolverType = KinSolOverDeterminate;

  2. I think the data from the txt file is in a different unit or dimension as well.

Dear Amir,
Many thanks. I will try it.